• Partington Behavior Analysts
    provides educational services and products to children with autism and other language delays. We seek to provide high-quality, effective interventions for children with disabilities and their parents, as well as provide training to other professionals in the delivery of these services.
    developed by Dr. Partington, is the premier skills-tracking assessment tool and curriculum guide for children with autism or language delays that is based on the science of Behavior Analysis and Skinner's analysis of Verbal Behavior.
  • WebABLLS
    is the online skills-tracking assessment tool and curriculum guide that mirrors The ABLLS-R in an electronic format. The online program covers a range of skills necessary for children to learn to communicate successfully.
  • AFLS
    includes over 1900 functional skills to help ensure that learners of all ages (young children through early adulthood) learn the skills necessary to fully and independently participate in a wide range of home, school and community activities.
  • The STARS Clinic
    is designed to accommodate parents who are seeking access to a higher level of program analysis and intervention not available elsewhere. Capturing the motivation of your child is a major focus in everyone of our sessions.
  • Workshops and seminars
    provided by Partington Behavior Analysts offer a variety of comprehensive training opportunities for educators, parents and other practitioners working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Dr. James Partington, BCBA-D will be providing 2 days of training in both the Dallas, TX area and Los Angeles, CA area

This is your opportunity to learn directly from the developer of the ABLLS-R®/ WebABLLS and the AFLS® about how to use these two powerful assessment and program development tools.

Dr. Partington will present the ABLLS-R/ WebABLLS workshop. This workshop will provide participants with the tools to analyze and track learner skills and develop a comprehensive language-based curriculum for children. This workshop includes essential information on scoring and interpreting the ABLLS-R®.  He will be presenting his ABLLS-R data collected for typically-developing children and will discuss their patterns of skill acquisition.  A demonstration of the WebABLLS 2.0 (the online version of the ABLLS-R) will show many of the powerful new features to help parents, teachers and behavior analysts easily develop developmentally-appropriate program plans, track a learner’s progress, and share information with intervention team members.

The AFLS® Workshop will be presented. This introductory workshop will provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools to analyze and track a learner’s functional living skills and develop an individualized intervention program to help a learner become less dependent upon assistance from others. He will review the content of the six AFLS protocols and strategies to help individuals learn the skills that are essential for independent functioning.  Videos of home and community-based instruction will highlight how a variety functional living of skills can be developed during normal daily activities.

Dallas, TX area: September 26-27, 2016

Download a flyer for the Dallas workshops at here.

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Registration for this workshop ends September 12, 2016.


Los Angeles, CA area: September 29-30, 2016

Download a flyer for the Los Angeles workshops here.

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Registration for this workshop ends September 15, 2016.