WebABLLS is the online assessment, curriculum guide, and skills tracking system that mirrors The ABLLS-R in an electronic format.

WebABLLS is designed to serve children with autism, language delays or other developmental disabilities. Like the print version, WebABLLS covers a range of skills necessary for children to learn to communicate successfully and learn from their everyday experiences.

WebABLLS offers electronic features that enable the user to track intervention programs via the WebABLLS Internet application in addition to being able to generate IEP Worksheets, progress reports and other reporting-type features. WebABLLS also enables users to authorize sharing rights among other program team members - you have complete control over these features and can authorize sharing rights as either view only or modify. This is especially useful if there are multiple people associated with a particular child. WebABLLS can also be used for an unlimited number of assessments (and associated reports) during the course of a child’s intervention.

WebABLLS is completely electronic; there is no actual physical product. However, access to the WebABLLS site provides you with an electronic copy of the ABLLS-R Scoring Instructions and IEP Development Guide along with the authority to produce a PDF version of the protocol. The PDF that is generated will be completely personalized with the student’s name within the text of the various task descriptions and examples.

Overview of Features

  • 25 Language & Learning skill categories
  • Over 500 skills
  • Available through any high-speed Internet connection
  • Captures and tracks assessment data with simple electronic scoring
  • Customized report generation—automatically inserts student’s name and age
  • Video examples of over 200 assessment tasks
  • Worksheets & reports can be saved/printed/shared
  • Securely allows authorized users to access and share data with team members
  • Allows unlimited assessments and reports during the course of the intervention
  • Complete access to Scoring Instructions and IEP Developmental Guide
  • Authority to produce a PDF version of the student’s protocol
  • Automatic ABLLS-R updates
  • Annual price is per student, not per user:
    New/First Year - $100 per student profile
    Renewal - $60 per student profile (each additional year)

WebABLLS is a service provided by Behavior Data Systems, Inc. utilizing The ABLLS-R provided by Behavior Analysts, Inc.